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Mold Remediation Projects

At Eastern Mold Remediation, we’re experts at remediating mold in crawl spaces. Above, you can find photos of a recent mold remediation project in a homeowner’s crawl space.

If you have plumbing leaks, they can cause mold to grow quickly, but Eastern Mold Remediation is here to help! We will remove unsalvageable building materials, thoroughly clean the area, and take measures to prevent future issues.

At Eastern Mold Remediation, we always follow any mold remediation or water damage repair with the appropriate steps to prevent future damage and improve your home’s efficiency. This includes proper insulation and ventilation, especially in attics.

This is an attic remediation we did in Ellsworth, ME. A leaky chimney wreaked havoc in the camp attic. The family called us in to get the camp ready so they could enjoy summer activities at the lake.

High Praise

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